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Peter Kresta
Ossy "Osmator" Pfeiffer



Peter Kresta has actually gone to carry out his “threat” and published with “DELIBERATE OFFENCE” his second album after “DAMAGED PASSION”. Completely composed and written by Peter Kresta, produced and arranged with Jan Nemec, it’s accustomed uncompromising melodic but still surprising different, powerful, bombastic, yes nearly orchestral. The album contains a few ballads, which will surprise even his fans from the “hard rock corner”.
You can sense, that off the former project is growing more and more a band - even if still conspicuous unusual staffed.

Peter Kresta
(guitars and vocals) cooperated here with Ossy “Osmator” Pfeiffer (lead and backing vocals, keyboards) again - they already worked together at “DAMAGED PASSION”, the first CD of KRESTA.
New at this production of KRESTA are the following named musicians:
Rainer Kuhn
(Ex-Skyscraper, Ex-Acoustic 5) – guitars and backing vocals
– drums and bass guitar
Hannes Folberth
(Ex-Eloy) – keyboards and keyboard-effects
Jaroslav Barton
(Kreyson, Citron) – solo guitar on “Down”
Steve Mann
(Ex-McAuley Schenker Group) – solo guitar on “Wake Up”

The song “older” surprises with an unaccustomed mouth organ sound recorded by the American blues- and jazz musician Octavia
Mixed and mastered 2009 at the Magic Minds Studio, Hannover, GERMANY, by Jan Nemec and
Peter Kresta „DELIBERATE OFFENCE“ has been published by Point Music München, GERMANY,
at the 14 of July 2010.
Also this production was not spared from bigger disasters…


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