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composer, lyricist and producer - has been active in various styles for years. He plays the guitar, keyboard and further Instruments and has been studying classic guitar since several years.Since 1979, he has been living in Munich where he founded the group „No Promise". Some of his compositions have been played by other artists.
At various studio recordings, he participated playing the guitar and keyboard or as a production assistant.

Originally, "Damaged Passion" was not intended to be a project.The actual aim was to record a CD with a group,but for several reasons, this never happened.In the course of the time, the recordings were developed by various musicians in various styles and in various Studios. The majority of the recordings was done at Studio Hazienda by Milos "Dodo" Dolezal with the sound engineer Frantisek Musel.After several problems and complications - and numerous mixes - the production could finally be finished in spring 2006at Magic Minds Studio in Hannover.The album was produced and mixed by Jan Nemec (Magic Minds Music) and by Peter Kresta in co production, helpfully supported by Walter Wicha (the voice of „Railway") as an executive producer in the final phase.The final mastering was done in March and April 2006 at Sky Studio by Bobby Altvater who was already responsible as a producer and sound engineer for bands such as Bonfire, Frontline, Boys Voice, Railway, Affair, Big Apple etc.

Peter Kresta - Guitars, Solo Guitars, Acoustic Guitars,Keyboards, Vocals
Ossy Pfeiffer - Lead- and Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Jürgen Wulfes - Lead- and Backing
VocalsDana B. - Lead- and Backing Vocals
Karel Adam - Bass
Daniel Hafstein - Drums
Victor Janota - Keyboards
Milos „Dodo“ Dolezal - Solo Guitars
Wolfgang Süssenbeck - Keyboard effects
Walter Wicha - Backing Vocals
Ossy Pfeiffer lives in Hannover where he is very successful as a Singer, keyboarder, drummer, producer and sound engineer.
Jürgen Wulfes is a singer and guitar player at Cholane
Dana B. is a singer and participatedat "Superstar".
Karel Adam and Daniel Hafstein recieved three gold records between 1991 and 1994 with the group „Kreyson" which was very successful in Japan as well. Both of them worked live on stage and as studio musicians for several Czech rock bands. They also participated at the solo recordings of Jutta Weinhold (Ex-Zed Yago).
Victor Janota, keyboarder from Prague, lives near Deggendorf and played with the group "M.T. Eyes" and others.
Milos „Dodo“ Dolezal (Ex-Vitacit), graduate of GIT Los Angeles, is a guitar player, composer and producer and works successfully in L. A. and in the Czech Republic as a sound engineer and a producer (he mixed parts of the Soundtrack of Triple-X).
Wolfgang Süssenbeck (Ex-Darkside, Wiener Neustadt) contributed the keyboard effects into the project.
Walter Wicha - Lead singer of RAILWAY and leader of SIEGEL MUSIKVERLAGE.

Other participants
Peter Uhlir - he lives near Munich and contributed the vocal lines at the first recordings. It was his idea to add a female voice.
Heike Kieslich - (Tora) - She lives near Munich and was a solo and background singer at the first recordings.
Pavel Macura - Jazz and Rock bassist from Prague, he participated at the pre-productions. He lives in Praque and plays at several bands - recently at "Soak Hazard"
Markus Schlee, lyricist of “No Limits", lives in Munich, and he is the lead singer of the group "Motherfunker". He contributed some substantial vocal lines to "No Limits".

Carrying out this Project was not easy.The first problems were caused by a drummer who was so “good" that all of his recordings had to be erased.My first singer suffered from an inguinal hernia. Several instruments and computers failed during the rehearsals and in the studio. Due to an allegedly bad aura, this singer preferred not to workwith me any more.The sound engineer survived his work with me only with tea, tranquilizers and chocolate..I re-recorded some guitar tracks, because I did not like the original ones any more. The consumption of tea raised dramatically.At the studio in Hannover, suddenly the hard disk with my recordings was "empty"...When I was listening to the recordings in my car, the back window crashed during the song "Open Fire". Short time later - I had an important date for the mixes of the recordings - my car dramatically signalized that it would strain soon.The cover photos caused some unexpected problems as well. By accident, the negatives of the first shooting were exposed.But now, I and many others, are more than happy that this CD is finally finished, but they don’t know that I am planning more …

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